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The Lady of the Opera House

According to many, the Rohs Opera House is one of the most haunted buildings in the state of Kentucky. Why is it so haunted? No one knows. But one of the ghosts that is frequently seen is a young lady in a long white dress.

Our Lady of the Opera House has been seen walking the central staircase, she’s been seen in the upstairs hallway and projection room; she’s even been seen and captured on film in the balcony.

Who is she? Why is she still here after many long years? Find out about the Lady in the White dress and all the other ghostly happenings at the Rohs Opera House by taking a Cynthiana Ghost Walk. Ghost Walks start and end right here at the Opera House every Friday and Saturday in October. And who knows, maybe you’ll have an experience of your own! Check it out! for more information and tickets.

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