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The Death of Chapman Renaker

Halloween night, 1911. Chapman Renaker, a young man of 21 who always seemed to be getting into mischief, ended up at a drunken poker game gone wrong. A fight broke out, a gun appeared, shots were fired. When the smoke cleared young Chapman had taken a bullet to the temple. His friends brought him to his home on Walnut St, where Chapman lay in his weeping father’s arms and died.

But that’s not the end of the story. Mr Renaker’s house seems to be the home of not just a young family today, but a ghostly one as well. Is it Chapman Renaker, murdered so gruesomely that halloween night, who still haunts his childhood home? Or is it someone else?

Find out for yourself by hearing the rest of the story at the Cynthiana Ghost Walk, held every Friday and Saturday in October in downtown Cynthiana, Ky. Find out more information or buy your tickets at

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