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The Cold Spot on Pike

On Pike Street in downtown Cynthiana, about 20 yards from Main, there is a mysterious cold spot that is said to appear at various times during the day, primarily when court is in session over at the courthouse. It was at this spot in 1913 where an innocent lawyer of Cynthiana was gunned down in cold blood by a notorious drunkard from Paris named Newt Arnold.

His name was Harry Bailey, a well respected man of the community. Taking two gunshots to the chest, Mr Bailey fell and breathed his last breath. Is he the reason for the mysterious cold spot? And why did Newt Arnold gun down in cold blood this prominent citizen?

You’ll have to hear the entire story and decide for youself by taking the Cynthiana Ghost Walk in downtown Cynthiana. Every Friday and Saturday in October. Come check it out if you dare. for more information and tickets.

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