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"Here lies the innocent..."

"Here lies the innocent though persecuted Margaret Goudy."

Those words adorn a tombstone in the northeast corner of the old City Cemetery. What's behind them?

Young Margaret’s tale is one of tragedy and regret, a tale to break the heart of a father who had refused to listen and a fiancé who had betrayed. There are reports of a wailing, crying spirit of a man that visits the grave of Margaret Goudy. He can be heard, and sometimes seen, kneeling here, tearing at the ground, and begging forgiveness. What tale lies behind this broken spirit and why does he return? What do those words “here lies the innocent though persecuted” really mean? What happened so tragic, so terrible, that the story can haunt us even to this day.

Find out the story of Margaret Goudy by taking the Cynthiana Ghost Walk, Every Friday and Saturday in October at the historic Rohs Opera House in Cynthiana, Ky.

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