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Friends of the Rohs Opera House


To support the Historic Opera House and ensure her continued presence in downtown Cynthiana for future generations. The support of the friends will enable Rohs Opera House to operate and maintain the building, by reducing debt and continuing the improvements already underway.



The dues for membership shall be $120.00 per calendar year with renewal at the discretion of the individual friend. Dues may be paid one of three ways ways. One lump sum payment for the entire year’s membership or one payment of $60.00 on January 10, 2014 with the remaining balance of $60.00 payable on or before June 13, 2014. Monthly payments can also be made through Paypal for $11.00 per month.Membership cards will reflect the date of membership and failure to pay the second installment will result in a loss of benefits. One reminder will be e-mailed one month prior to the expiration date. Friends are responsible for presenting their cards in order to receive benefits.



Friends of the Historic Rohs Opera House shall be entitled to the following benefits:

  • 6 exclusive “classic” movies per year. Friends will be allowed to help choose movies as long as the movie is available to show.

  • Reduced rental rates for rental of Aeolian Hall or the theater main. Rate will be reduced by 50%. Aeolian Hall will rent for $15.00 per hour and the theater main will rent for $37.50 per hour. The rental times and dates are subject to availability and can only be used for private functions. No admission charge will be allowed.

  • 1 free admission to The Pike Street Opry per month. 

  • Reduced admissions to other Rohs' events throughout the year. These extra benefits will be announced via e-mail or on the Rohs Opera House FaceBook page.

  • Reduced prices on concession items.

  • Friends' T-shirt


Rohs Opera House reserves the right to alter or change benefits due to reasons beyond our control.


We cannot offer discounted admission rates to programs not produced by Rohs. For example: HarriCYN events, Impossible Magic or any event were a performer rents the theater and sets the admission price.

Above you will find a buy now button that will allow you pick the plan that best suits you when purchasing your membership in the Friends of the Rohs Opera House.

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