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Yes, We took it! 



You've taken the first step to reclaiming the stolen Maiden City Medallion, but whether you can complete the quest remains to be seen. It's not going to be easy but we want to give you at least a chance at getting your precious medallion back!

So to make the game fair, here's what we'll do! We're going to be releasing a clue every day until the Medallion is found. Each clue will lead you to information you need to find and retrieve the Medallion. Miss a day's clue and you may still figure it out but it won't be easy. The Question is "Do you have the sleuth skills to accomplish the task?"

You can't have a quest without some rules. So here they are:

1. Have fun!

2. Buy tickets to The Complete History of Cynthiana (abridged) at the Rohs Opera House on May 17-19. (This is not required but we really want you to come and have fun with us as we tell you some of the best stories in our history as only we can)


3. Stay off private property (all clues will lead or point to locations in public areas)


4. Collect clues (clues add up and work together to point you to where and when you can get the medallion back).


5. See Rule #1...It's all about having fun!

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